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Swinging the Shoulders

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Contributed By Darell Mckissick
Target Putting.com

One of the biggest problems I see in the swing of the average player is dropping their right shoulder at impact. Once the shoulders have returned to square on the downswing, they stop turning.

The swing does not stop at impact. The shoulders must continue turning well past the ball.

For a players right shoulder to drop at impact they must actually stop turning the shoulders before impact. That's why the tour pros hit it 300 yards and you only hit it 220. They continue turning their shoulders past impact.

As you pick up the clubs for a new year, try practicing with the following thought. Use it for at least one full bucket of balls and it will definitely improve your swing through the golf ball.

As you stand over the ball to start your swing, think about swinging your left shoulder back over your right foot. Begin you swing by doing just that.

As you approach the top of your swing, shift your thought to swinging your right shoulder back over your left foot.

By doing this, at impact you will not even be close to the end of your swing thought. You will be consciously swinging past the ball, not to the impact point itself.

You will improve your weight shift, making things much easier on your back. You should also hit the ball farther because you will be swinging through it instead of to it.

Give it a try and see what it does for you!


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