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Your (Down) Swing Thought

You should have only one swing thought during your golf down swing. That’s because you really don’t have time for two. Consequently, your only thought should be to turn your belt buckle (or bellybutton / Whatever floats your boat.) towards the target as fast as you possibly can.

This movement should begin about a third or half way through the golf down swing.
It will end, of course, when you are pointed towards the target at which point you will have already hit the golf ball and you’re into the follow through. And you should also be seeing the golf ball traveling straight down the fairway!

On the golf down swing your body will move forward and turn on an axis formed by a line traveling through the head and the front leg. Keep in mind that the head will be moving  forward from it’s position at the end of your golf back swing, however, the head should stay fairly level and not bob up and down.

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Down swing - turn your belt buckle to the target!


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Relax! A good Golf Swing Setup is just not that tough! The good news is that you probably have a good athletic setup and all you need is to brush it up and be more relaxed.

You can can choose from three different Golf Grips. It’s your choice and you should choose the golf grip that feels right for you.

An athletic Golf Stance and setup is the launching pad for your swing. If you start with a bad stance, you’ll probably follow with a bad back swing, a bad downswing, and a bad follow through. Not to worry though. It’s just not that difficult!

Solid basic Golf Swing Steps or golf swing mechanics lead to an easy golf back swing, down swing, and follow through.

The Golf Back Swing - Don't think about your arms. Instead of thinking about my arms and swinging my club , I try to think of my back swing as turning my back to the target. I’m just putting the club behind my back.

My best advice for your Golf Down Swing, with one exception, is to just let it happen! The down swing and follow through should be the very natural result of everything that precedes it.

Golf Swing Summary - I DO still remember the faulty golf swing mechanics and neurotic golf swing thoughts that less than memorable worm burner shot or that weak 70 yard shot off to the right. Here’s my list of golf swing killers.

What little I know about the golf swing is already on these pages, but I’ll be glad to provide whatever Swing Tip Support I can. I'm no expert, and everything I've done here is probably incorrect according every golf aficionado on the planet. But then again, if it works, do you really care?

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