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A Thought About Swing Thoughts

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Contributed By Darell Mckissick
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What is a golf tip, anyway, but something to think about while you are swinging? A swing thought.

Whether you get a lesson from your local pro or read an article in a golf magazine or on a website like this one, all you really get is a swing thought to work with.

The problem I have with giving students a swing thought is this: If you think about doing something particular in your swing it is usually exagerated in the swing when you do it. That exageration tends to cause other problems if it is done for too long.

Still, that is fine for practice or during a lesson when your goal is to improve a single aspect of your swing and you will only be hitting a few shots with the thought. But what about when you play for real, when your goal is to swing consistently all day and shoot a good score?

When you are playing a round that counts for score, you need a different type of swing thought than when you practice. And it is better if you can find one or two that work for you every day.

I teach my students to find a swing thought that will keep their mind from influencing the physical aspects of the swing in any way so they can just let it happen.

Try this some time. As you address the ball and look at it just before you swing, let the only thought on your mind be how much you are focused on the ball. Let nothing enter your mind but the ball. Think to yourself, "boy, I sure am focused on the ball".

The mind should be on something outside of your body or else it will influence the swing, which is why thinking about your focus on the ball seems to work well. The ball is the only element of the shot you can see that doesn't have to move as a part of the hitting process.

If this thought doesn't work for you, find something else, but make sure it does not focus on any single physical aspect of the swing. It may be the overall rhythm of the swing, swinging back and forward at the same speed, or something like that. Just avoid swing thoughts that focus on one particular part of the swing when you are out on the course. At best they will only work for a few shots until they throw off some other part of your swing.


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